TV Drama…

At the moment my daughter doesn’t have a TV in her room and this is causing me much pain.

We have recently redecorated her bedroom and despite doing most of it myself it looks really nice. Not a bad job if I do say so myself.  The pink, the fluffy and the glittery are gone, replaced by a very chic looking blue and grey.  It’s all very grown up. She has a new double bed, new furniture and a massive desk/dressing table where she can store her 14 tonnes of make up…. and it’s cost me most of my limbs!

What she doesn’t have yet is a TV, we disposed of the last one as it was a cumbersome old thing that had been passed down through the generations for years, well alright not an antique but almost.

So despite having to sell my soul to the devil, I have had to get a new one and quick, as I can not bear to watch anymore of her so-called ‘entertainment’. My ears and eyes are bleeding.  I am praying to the heavens (or anyone that will listen) that the TV arrives before the next series of TOWIE starts. We have 24 hours!

It was a bad start to the working day today as the computer system was playing up. There had been an update. I love an update. Every time without fail the system does an update something that worked before doesn’t work anymore.

Yesterday we were all able to log in and use out smart cards (these are credit card style identity cards that slot in to the keyboard to enable you to access different parts of the system depending on your security codes), the same way we do everyday.  Today after an update over night, to change features that do not really need changing, we can no longer log in using our smart cards.

I could explain the reasons why this is a total pain in the arse but it would take ages but suffice to say it just makes more work for everyone. Things just simply can not be done without being logged in on your smart card. For example you can’t register new patients or do prescriptions because the system will only give you basic access if you havent logged in with your smart card.

So it was a long morning and to make matters worse it was manic and we were short-staffed but to be fair this is not uncommon.

It’s only Tuesday and Tom has managed to get another detention, this time for shouting out when the lad sitting next to him stabbed a compass in his leg (please bear in mind that this is Tom’s version of events only), in my mind I am thinking.. yes, I think I would have shouted out if someone had stabbed my leg with a compass, so why would he be given a detention for that, surely the other lad should have been at the very least arrested for ABH… but I am also thinking that the more likely story is that they were both messing about and as usual it went too far.

Who bloody knows?

Obviously the school won’t phone me every time something fairly trivial happens or I would be on first name terms with his Advisor already.  I can see on the parent portal that he has been given a detention but it doesn’t really say much more than that.

Do I assume that if I haven’t heard from the school that they deem this incident unremarkable? When does something become remarkable? How many time a week do you need to get a detention before it is considered too many?

These are the questions that are giving me anxiety.  I am pretty sure I will soon become addicted to Peptac because all this anxiety is giving me heartburn.

After dinner… and the subsequent arguing over who is doing the washing and drying up. Er, you are… We have this every night, like there might be someone else available to do the clearing up? No, I’m afraid not. You would think that after months of Elsie washing and Tom drying every night they would have figured out that this could be the future…

It’s homework time… Yay!

So while Tom writes what he loved most about the fruit salad he didn’t make when he forgot his food tech last Friday and Elsie stutters her way through the things to do while your on holiday in Spanish, I’m contemplating an early night with a Linwood Barclay and it’s only 8 pm.

I’m not having wine on a Tuesday. Repeat after me, I’m not having wine on a Tuesday.

On the plus side I’ve just remembered it’s Doctor Foster tonight. The first series was brilliant, the second I am still being persuaded about but it is nice to know that there is someone out there that is more of a fruit loop than me, even if technically she is fictional.

Shall I have a small piece of chocolate?









One thought on “TV Drama…

  1. Emz says:

    Yes to the chocolate! (I munched through a wispa bar and a ripple while I was writing my post.) I think they send you letters when it gets to be too much and these days the schools seem to change what is serious to them etc :-/ I hope things settle for you and you have a better day at work tomorrow. (If you have work tomorrow that is.) Well done on the redecorating… I started my kids room a couple of weekends ago and haven’t had a chance to finish… They are both currently sleeping in my bed and I have to squeeze in to it with them hogging the duvet and kicking me, karate chopping me and just generally knocking me out of my own bed -_- ha. Emz x

    Liked by 1 person

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