Roll on…

It’s Thursday.

I’m not sure why I always feel the need to tell you what day of the week it is, I am sure you are perfectly aware of where we are in time, it just seems an easy way to start I suppose.

As a rule I like Thursdays.  Thursday means that tomorrow is Friday and I just love that Friday feeling.  I am loving it even more this week as I am going ‘out out’ with the Buddies tomorrow night.  I also thought I had a date Saturday (it was only penciled in as you know) but that has already been rescheduled, to Tuesday now.  Tuesday!  Who ever does anything on a Tuesday?

Anyway more about that later on, maybe.

I am very much looking forward to an evening out with the buddies tomorrow, it has been a long week and we have definitely earned it.  A new computer system at work has thrown everyone in to chaos.  We are women of a certain age, we can’t cope with new and improved, we only like old and reliable so there has been much moaning and groaning, while we all try to figure out how this all works.

As for the Doctors, well, it’s like trying to teach a dog new tricks, it takes a hell of a lot of patience and mollycoddling.  These people are super intelligent but they severely lack in anything remotely close to common bloody sense.  They do not think for themselves and why would they, they can use us for thinking.

It has been ‘options’ week for Elsie too, so my brain cells are few and far between at the moment.  I am suffering from what is commonly known as information overload.  Tonight we have been to the school, I am fried.  Elsie is none the bloody wiser and quite frankly neither am I.  She is still, of course, set on taking Dance but you have to choose one subject from each column and the columns don’t match the subjects she wants to take and this is causing much distress.

I’m not sure who is more stressed about this me, or Elsie because try as I might to reason with her, we can not seem to communicate over this matter, as it seems ‘I do not understand’.

What it is I don’t understand, I don’t know?   It seems quite simple to me, pick a subject, any subject, one from each column, one of those subjects must be a highlighted subject, ie: in blue, otherwise you can pretty much choose what you like?  What is there not to understand?

It is a tough decision, I get that.  I also understand that it is important for them to choose subjects that they will enjoy and hopefully do well in but there is a reason that all the creative subjects are not in the same column and that is to try to ensure that you learn something other than prancing, sewing and trampolining.

We still have a week before the forms have to be submitted but first, I am having the weekend off.

In other slightly more infuriating news I have had a prang in my car.  I could have done without that to be fair.

My car is old, almost as old as me, well not quite but it’s old.  However, I can’t really afford a new one, so this car will have to last me until I either win the lottery or I die, whatever comes first.  Me dying probably.

A car is a bloody luxury in itself, never mind a new car.  My car has done me proud and although it is slightly beaten around the edges it has never let me down.  I like my car.  I drive it like a rally car and I don’t particularly look after it but it is still reliable and sturdy and mine.

So I was very pissed off when leaving work on Monday, I managed to end up stuck to the bumper of someone else’s car.

To cut a long story short the car in front of me, a huge 4×4 thing, was waiting to turn left out of the junction, as was I.  As she moved off I checked right to make sure it was still clear and moved off after her, when she promptly stopped dead in front of me before I had the chance to even straighten up.

Turning the air blue with a few shocking profanities, I parked and braced myself for an irate driver.  She was fine and very apologetic.  Some silly sod had walked out in front of her.  So while she and I debated any damage that may have been caused by his complete lack of bloody road sense, he ambles merrily off on his journey.   Stupid old goat.  I wouldn’t mind but there is a bloody crossing about 30 yards up the road.  Personally, I think I would have run him over.   Well, OK, I probably wouldn’t have but I was really quite annoyed.

I thought we had both got off unscathed until the following morning when Elsie tried to get in the car and the passenger door wouldn’t bloody open.  FFS!  On a two door car this is really quite irritating.

Now I am going to have to sell my soul to the bloody devil to pay for the sodding thing to be fixed.  Luckily the very, very nice man at the garage said he will ‘make it good‘ for me.  Bless him, I don’t think he wanted to say out loud that the cost of fixing it properly would far out way the value of the car but I must have a car and so it has got to be done.

In the meantime we are struggling on with it until they can fit me in for the repair.  Much to Elsie’s embarrassment.

It will certainly be entertaining tomorrow though when I am trying to get the buddies in it after they’ve had a few sherberts, as I am designated driver for the evening.  There will be some wee escaping I can guarantee that much.

Ending on a high, Tom finally managed to get his bloody hair cut without anything disastrous happening.  We tried again with the whole, go to school, leave school, go straight to the hairdressers, do not pass go, get haircut, come to the surgery, meet mum with lovely new hair doo, go home.

I warned him this morning that he will not have experienced a wrath like mine if he turns up at the surgery with no hair cut and no money, again.

It worked.  It bloody worked.

One thought on “Roll on…

  1. Emz says:

    Woohoo finally! (about tom’s hair cut) and the options thing might be a last minute choice thing at that rate if I remember my siblings choosing theirs. Good luck for Tuesday and have a great time over the weekend! 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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