Written in the stars…

This may or may not surprise you but I am very interested in astrology.

My fascination with all this started many years ago when I was in my teens.

My best friends Mum was heavily in to astrology and horoscopes, compatibility and personality and all such stuff.  I spent a lot of time at their house throughout my childhood and so I suppose it was inevitable that some of this would rub off on me.

Usually we would only have half a foot in the back door before she was telling us all what the day, week or month had in store for us.

At time we found it all very amusing, especially when she would analyse whether our current love interests were going to be keepers or not.  Did we take any notice?  Not usually.  Was she usually right?  Generally speaking, yes, in a weird hocus pocus kind of way.

I have loosely followed astrology throughout my life.  I know a little more about it than your average person, maybe?  Do I live my life by it?  No, of course not.  I do though still believe that persons born under the same influences, of which there are many, are basically the same.

However, we are not carbon copies of each other and despite being born under the same sign there will be differences but the main characteristics of our personalities and traits, I believe, are basically the same.

Life experiences change us along the way as do many other influences, our parents and our schooling but I still think there is something, however illogical that may sound to some about the compatibility of certain signs.

This has not stopped me from entering in to relationships with people who it might be said, I am incompatible with.  For you see the thing about people is that we have two sides, we have our best side and our everyday side, these are the same thing loosely speaking but our best side is our everyday side when it is, for example, at an interview.

At an interview you wouldn’t tell your prospective employer that you sometimes struggle with anxiety, or that you can be forgetful.  You wouldn’t tell them that you struggle to communicate or that you have a bad temper, you would simply be yourself but your best self.  The one that usually on a daily basis everyone sees.

However, in a relationship of any kind be it with your parents or any other members of your family and then eventually in any romantic relationship your best self is tested to its limits.  This is your everyday you.

You may be wondering why I am withering on about all this but I have a point, I think.

In relationships and typically I mean romantic relationships, there are just some people who can not be mixed together.

When I have entered in to relationships in the past I have always known whether or not we should be compatible, according to the stars.  Some I have known should be a disaster before they even get off the ground but they start as fun and as with most new relationships you get on well and enjoy each others company, so you go with it and see what happens.  Guess what happened?  We didn’t make it.

I know you are all thinking I am mad as a hatter right now and I am not saying that we were didn’t make it because the stars said we wouldn’t but I am saying that the chances were slim in the first place.

There will always be people we are more compatible with than others, surely that just makes perfect sense.

The bit that doesn’t make sense is… and this is just an example, is that a Leo couldn’t possibly marry a Virgo.  Why?  Who knows.  I don’t know and I’m not pretending that I do but generally speaking their personalities and traits are either too similar or too different.  Maybe?

In the early days of a relationship though you would never think to consider such things,  unless you are a truly avid believer, we convince ourselves that surely there can’t be anything in all that horoscope nonsense.

I am an Aquarian.

I fit my sign almost perfectly.  I am complicated but can be unravelled easily, I feel like a contradiction.  I say one thing and do another.  I am uncontrollable and opinionated and can come across as aloof and uninterested but I care about everyone and everything and believe that everyone has the right to be and believe in whatever gets them through the day.  I would give someone my last penny but expect them to do something miraculous with it.  I have high expectations and yet I know how hard it can be to achieve.  I dislike confrontation and hide my emotions but I am a fighter and love a cause.  An adventurer and philosopher and a general bloody know it all.  In a nice way of course.. 😉




Maybe this sums it up a bit better than I can, albeit a bit loosely?  In short I think I am very similar to how Aquarius are described.

Despite our sign, we humans listen to our hearts instead or our heads, especially in the early days of relationships.  We might have a gut feeling that something isn’t right but we still have a certain amount of optimism that leads us to believe that it will all turn out in the end.  When it doesn’t, which is so often the case, we blame ourselves because ultimately we think we should have known better.  We should have listened to our gut.  Why didn’t we?

Relationships are funny old things.  In the beginning they are the be all and end all of everything.  Everything you do on a daily basis feels lighter somehow, better because you are in happy place, you are in love/lust and it feels amazing.

You have a mate, someone you can confide in and share things with, someone to be your plus one, you are no longer the singleton at every event and this feels good.  You enjoy each others company, laugh a lot,  the sex is frequent and usually of the orgasmic kind and what is not to love about that.  There is no reason to think that will not last a lifetime.  Why wouldn’t it?  You are clearly made for each other.

A relationship is an investment.  An investment of our time and our emotions, we give ourselves completely or try (for some, including myself, this is not always easy) but the will is there, we want it to work and we will put in the effort required to ensure that it does.

However, this is where we come back to compatibility.

I am not an avid fan of the ‘relationship’ as you know and I often wonder if that is because I have read that I shouldn’t be or because I just keep trying it and getting wrong.  Is it because I am not choosing the right sign, would this make a difference?

Have I convinced myself to become a typical Aquarian?  There’s a thought.

Perhaps it is just a simple fact that despite the want to keep trying and keep hoping that your relationship will continue to maintain itself there are those of us that are just not meant to be together in that way.

Sometimes and I know this sounds all airy fairy but it is written in the stars that you will never be able to co-exist in complete harmony.








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