The one hundred club…

A quick thank you post to all my followers and readers.

I have said it all before but it amazes me that I have any followers, it is just my life after all and sometimes it is far from exciting and less than newsworthy.

To have one hundred followers is amazing.

Thank you!


Being a blogger is time-consuming and can be hard going sometimes, especially when it is personal.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like sharing your darkest thoughts with the world and his wife.  Other times you could talk for England and win.

At best most weeks I manage only two posts and sometimes I have to force myself to do those.  However, every single time I do I am glad I did.  It is quite therapeutic in some ways, for me most nights I only have myself for company and so it is nice to feel like I am talking to someone, even if it is virtual.  In these few short months I feel like I have grown in confidence and capability, largely thanks to the continued support from you guys.

So tonight I will be having a Vodka and tonic and toasting my success and tomorrow, well who knows, a book signing, or at the very least a hangover! 😋

On to the next hundred… Thank you all!

Much love, LLB


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