Welcome to another gloriously sunny and beautiful weekend.

The weather is positively lovely. Add to that the win for England in yesterdays World Cup quarter-final match against Sweden and life is good. It is very good indeed.

If it wasn’t for the excitement of the World Cup it would be in ordinarily quiet.

This week at the surgery it has been very quiet, much quieter than one would expect for this time of year. The school holidays, when they are arrive, are usually quiet but they are two weeks away still. However, most people are in holiday mode already. There is a party atmosphere linked in with the World Cup and of course Wimbledon and with all this beautiful weather it seems that everyone is more than content and clearly feeling very well. Which suits us just fine.

I for one am loving this unusually good weather, with the exception of not being able to sleep at night. That is a bit of a pain but otherwise I am loving garden life and really, really hope it continues long in to the holidays.

We had two rumbles of Thunder in the week and a heavy downpour which in all honesty didn’t do anything to ease the humidity. It is apparently, supposed to be a little cooler next week, although there is no sign of any rain in the forecast yet.

There will definitely be a hose pipe ban soon and in an effort to preempt this Tom and Elsie are making the most of its current availability.

Friday I came home from work to find the bath filled with water balloons in preparation for the weekend. Marvellous idea I thought but what will we do when we want to wash? We are back to the basics of strip washing for a few days until they all been dispersed of by the looks off things.

Tom thought it highly hilarious to ask if I wanted him to run me a bath, the idea being that when he told me it was ready I would walk in and find the tub filled with water balloons. Just the fact that Tom offered to do something for me made me suspicious enough. He never runs his own bath nevermind anyone elses.

Can you believe it, we made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup. #itscominghome

The house has gone football crazy. Elsie has found a new joy in football that I never thought would happen.

I have been taking Tom to football every bloody Sunday for the last six months and never has she shown the slightest bit of interest. Now, she is Harry Kane’s biggest fan and has a slight crush on Dele Alli. She is sure that we are going to win the trophy and she will not hear anyone say otherwise.

We have watched nearly every game so far and despite the fact that is costing me a small fortune in snacks, we are loving it.

Yesterdays game against Sweden was no exception. We were prepared and ready and nervous as hell.

During the build up, which usually is quite painstaking, we enjoyed reliving previous world cup memories and disasters. Tom and Elsie can’t remember any of the previous World Cups, well let’s be honest we didn’t get past the group stages last time so it was hardly the most talked about event of all time.

The road here was not an easy one. In previous years I think football became more about the celebrity than the game. I am not saying we didn’t have any decent players (I am no expert in this field) but in my girlie opinion, they were more talked about for their antics off the pitch than they were for what they achieved on it. It is different now, hopefully and with a return to basics and a team that seem well organised, committed and passionate about the game, I really think we can do it.

Elsie in her new quest to find out more about the game and the players she was talking to Tom about Ronaldo. She looked him up on instagram and discovered he has 133 million followers, busy exclaiming about his popularity she accidentally followed him herself and then had a mini meltdown about how she was going to unfollow him, without him noticing.

Laughing out loud about the possibility of Ronaldo messaging my daughter asking why she followed and then unfollowed him while assuring her that he really wouldn’t notice as he is probably unfollowed and followed more times than most in a single day was almost the highlight of the day. Just do it. I hope it doesn’t make him feel bad she said.

He will get over it I’m sure.

Anyway nevermind Ronaldo, back to the game in hand.

It was a great game, I don’t know about tactics and statistics or the off-side rule but I do know we won and we earned it. We tried hard, kept at it and it paid off. All three of us felt sick with over-indulgence and excitement by the end of it but our celebratory lap of the lounge was obligatory, we were cheering and shouting for all we were worth.

They did us proud and the 2-0 victory has secured us a place against Croatia in the semi-final. Woo Hoo!

Surely it is time now. #comeonengland

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