Blank space…

This is not a post.

I feel I should pre-warn any reader that this is an ‘Oh shit! It’s Wednesday, I need to blog’  post.  It is definitely not an organised, clearly thought out piece of writing.

I was tempted to write tomorrow instead of my organised day but I feel I won’t have anything more to say tomorrow than I have now, although we may have reached the final of the World Cup by tomorrow.

That alone will be monumental.

I’m not sure how I got in to the Wednesday & Sunday thing, it just kind of happened.  I always assumed I would just post as and when I had something to say or something exciting happened (yes, I’m still waiting for that too!) but as I have continued these have become my regular posting days.

A while back I remember Elsie saying to me that the people she follows post on certain days, this means the reader knows that there will be a blog/vlog to look out for and so they know when they have anything to catch up on.  For me as an adult I struggle to keep up with my own life never mind everyone elses, so I figure other adults must surely be the same.  Therefore, not really noticing if a blog has passed them by or not.

However, once you have started a trend it is very hard to break it, even a trend such as this.  In a small space of time this has become a habit for me.  I blog on a Wednesday and Sunday, these are my days, my schedule now fits (almost) around the fact that these are the days I post.  If I break the schedule now, something terrible will happen, surely.

OK, maybe not but you know you what I mean.

For example, I often have dates on Sundays, this means my first thought before all of the what to wear nonsense is that my blog must be ready to post before I go.  On the Sundays when I have football and a date, it is still uppermost in my mind that this is a blog day and at some point whether I have something prepared or not, I am posting something and so I had better find some time to just get on with it.

I am trying to think if I have anything at all to tell you, in amongst all this rambling?

There has been more communication between Mr Ivy and I but at the moment I am not quite ready to share any more details.

Previous attempts at over sharing very early on have left me somewhat cautious in declaring my undying love too soon.   #kissofdeath

So I am leaving him in my head for now.  Besides, sometimes it’s nice to keep things a secret for a little while.

I had my coil check this week, I know exciting right!  I was in and out, literally.  A quick peek up the speculum proved all was in order.  No need for any extendable equipment this time (small prayer offered), it was apparently clear to see all was well.  A bit of a relief as the thought of having to have the bloody thing removed was making be feel a little queasy.

The whole nation is obsessed with the World Cup, we are eat, sleep, breathe it at the moment.  Radio’s everywhere are blasting out every cheesy football song they can think of and we are a whole nation, happily singing along.  The media are full of the fact that England might just make it to the Final.  Surely not?  Can we?  Will we?

Tonight is the semi-final match between England are Croatia, kick off is at 7 pm and I will, without question, be watching.

So I am leaving my non-post post there.   See you Sunday!  😉


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