Love is all you need…

The happiness that comes from love is one of the greatest feelings.

Whether it is the head over heels kind of love or a comfortable, steadfast and secure love, there is just something magical about love.

Being in love, falling in love, having somebody to love and unconditional love are all part of the merry-go-round that is LOVE. In all its variety and all its up and downs Love is what we all crave, it is what separates us, for the most part, from all the other species on the planet.

The feelings and bonds we have with each other.

Last night I fell in love and even though it was brief and unrequited it was blooming lovely.

The subject of my unrequited love was Mr Michael Bublé, or as I now affectionately refer to him, Boobs. Boobs and I spent a wonderful evening together at the o2 in London, where he crooned his way through a long list of old favourites and I sat grinning from earhole to earhole, completely enraptured by his charismatic charm and wit, as his voice wafted like a magic love potion through the auditorium, hypnotizing everyone who breathed it in.

This night with Boobs, was supposed to be a present to my Mother, who is a huge fan. So, when the opportunity arose my Sister and I thought it would make a great birthday gift to her. All three of us would go as my Sister (who it has to be said has quite cheesy taste where music is concerned), is also quite partial and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was surprised that I enjoyed it quite so much.

Even the love songs, which usually have me reaching for the dial, when I hear them on the radio. Swing/Jazz is also not really my favourite genre and while I can listen to it and I do love some of the old classics, it is not my go-to playlist. The area was awash with people, singing, swaying and smiling, it was so feel good you couldn’t help but feel good and boy, did I feel good.

I have seen Mr Bublé in a whole new light and it is one of amazement. I have been to a good few gig/concerts in my years, I have done small and intimate and big and boisterous, but never have I seen a crowd quite as enthralled as the one Mr Bublé had in his hands last night.

What a gift that is.

The week has definitely ended on a high. As you know it got of to what can only be described as a very shaky start. However, with a little help from my friends and of course my family, I have made it out the other side.

Elsie’s birthday was a resounding success. Three cheers for me!

Despite her worry that because we didn’t have a car it was all going to be an epic fail. I nailed it. With some help along the way, I managed to get the three-foot ’15’ balloons (which are still getting in the bloody way, everywhere you turn), all the sweets you can possibly eat and the promised box of WKD’s for the sleepover. What else do half a dozen fifteen years old need, except pizza and Netflix. Job done.

I wasn’t keen on the whole alcohol thing to start with, especially as for most of the evening I wasn’t going to be around but I am behind all the other parents with this it seems. Elsie has been to other parties this year and they have all had some form of cider or alcopops available. Elsie who is the epitome of responsible (and while I joke about that, I actually quite like it), has yet to indulge in more than a few mouthfuls of anything remotely alcoholic. Unlike her Mother.

It is funny how as parents we all have very different views about what is acceptable at what age, but I suppose that is a whole other blog.

My family has been great this weekend and made sure that we have everything we need, we have been out and been in and overall, even with Tom’s awful defeat at football today, the score of which is far to horrific to mention, we are tired but happy and very content.

I, strangely, do feel better, despite the fact that it is going to be another week of lift begging to and from work and relying on others to ferry the kids about but as one of the buddies pointed out last week, “You would do the same for us” and I would, without question. It is still a pain in the arse though.

Even Ivy has been sweet.

On Thursday he picked me up for our date, which cheered me up no end, as I didn’t think I was going to see him for ages, what with me having no car and him busy preparing for court tomorrow. I’m not sure who was more miserable out of the two of us at the beginning of the week but by Thursday I think we both needed something to take our minds out of the everyday.

He has offered to take me car shopping when I have some money to but a car with, which I thought was incredibly lovely of him. I shouldn’t be so surprised because he is a nice person and that is what nice people do, they offer to help when you need it and because they genuinely care.

So there you have it, love really is, all you need. ❤

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