Electrons and protons…

Elsie informs me I am an electron.

She could be right.  The last few weeks I have certainly been a little up and down where positivity is concerned.

There is a reason for that, at the moment work is stressful to say the least, I am still wrangling with the insurance company over the few measly pounds they want to offer me for my car and Tom is having a nightmare at school.  However, that is all I am going to say on any of those subjects, as I promised Elsie a fun blog, for a change!

It really is hard to be cheerful, when you don’t feel like you have much to be cheerful about.

Something has happened to my yang!

Elsie tells me I need to get my yang back and she is right.   She describes herself as a neutron and as a neutron she feeds of the negative and or positive energy around her and I am feeding her negative energy, this makes me an electron.  I wasn’t sure Elsie even knew what an electron was, so it is good to know she has been paying some attention in Science class.  Therefore, in an effort to be more ‘proton’ I am looking for the positive.  I’m sure I left it around here somewhere…

This week has mostly been spent looking for cars, with what is going to be my very limited budget.  This is quite difficult as I know nothing about cars and other than hearsay I have nothing to base an opinion on, except, that I quite liked my last one.  I mostly base my search on colour and style rather than what might be under the bonnet or if it has enough seats to get everyone around in, which is probably not ideal.

Ivy tells me I could do worse than sticking with a Honda, as they are rated among the best for reliability, apparently. Isn’t it weird how you feel like a man should know these things.  Things that come under the man department, like car knowledge, along with DIY, technology and neutrons, probably.  However, Google does seem to confirm his theory.  Unfortunately, I am not sure I can afford to replace my Honda with another Honda, as I can’t find any reasonably priced ones that won’t take me half way across the country just to check it is the right kind of blue.

Japanese cars it seems hold their money well and driven by this knowledge I decided to refuse the second offer from the insurance company, but now I am getting a little bit scared that they are just going to tell me to do one, politely, of course.

I imagine the very lovely Shane (who is actually quite lovely), from the total loss unit, is smacking his head against the wall every time he gets one of my emails.   The emails with my formal letter attached.  The formal letter which tries to make out that I have a bloody clue what I am talking about, when in fact I am just absolutely winging it.  I keep expecting him to write back saying.  “Look love, nice try, but you’ve had your offer, take it and leave me the hell alone!”

As much I would like to leave him the hell alone, I simply can’t afford to.  So, I will keep on emailing Shane, until he comes up with an offer that I can actually go and buy something with.

I really hope it doesn’t take much longer though as all this relying on others is a nightmare.  Not because people aren’t happy to help, because for the most part they really are, but just because you feel like such a pain in the arse.  Not to mention trying to remember who is doing what, when and how, everything seems so much more  complicated when you can’t do it yourself.

This evening getting Tom to training was a complete mission, not for me I might add, I’m just here on the sofa, while someone else has the job of ferrying him, here, there and everywhere in between.  In all honesty the amount of car journeys to get him there and back again it would have been far easier for him to skip training this week, but once you have asked for help, people go to such lengths to sort it out for you, you feel awful saying… do you know what, let’s just leave it for this week, it’s too much hassle.

On the plus side we have had a lot of  laughs this week.

My lifts here and there with the buddies have been hilarious.  Work has been so ridiculously busy, frantic almost that it has been nice to have these LOL moments in between.  I keep telling myself I should wear flat shoes to work at the moment so I can walk more but I just can’t do it.  I suppose I could keep a flat pair under my desk in case I have to go to the village to get lunch or milk or whatever, but I wouldn’t wear them, I know I wouldn’t, I am far too vain.

The thought of bumping in to the man of my dreams trying to cross the road in loafers is all just a hideous step too far.  When you are only as tall as a garden gnome, loafers are not an option.

It’s OK, this time next week I will have a car.  I will.


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