Meme O’clock…

Tom has taken to whistling. It is driving me bonkers!

If he isn’t eating he is whistling, this means that I am now practically force feeding him just so he can’t bloody whistle.

Sometimes I wonder how Tom and Elsie can be so different, yet so similar.

Half the time I don’t know Elsie is in the house, except for the fact that I haven’t driven her anywhere, so she must be.  Tom on the other hand is so noisy you almost wish he wasn’t in the house.  He can not do anything quietly and now with the whistling I swear I am going to pritt stick his mouth together soon.

The sudden realisation that there is only one more payday until Christmas hit this week.  The perils of having such a lovely long Summer holiday and gadding about a lot has really caught up with me now.

Why is enjoying yourself so bloody expensive.  My Sister has just been for a visit, three days she was here and it was lovely, apart from the fact that my bank balance doesn’t allow for extra curricular activity at short notice.  We recklessly decided on a trip to the cinema, don’t get me started on what a fucking waste of money that is (FIVE POUNDS for a cup of flavoured ice), I thought highway men were a thing of the past.

I have never really been a movie buff and it is probably just as well.  It is a notoriously expensive way to spend a couple of hours, especially for a family.

We saw Bohemian Rhapsody, which I have to admit was brilliant. I am a huge Queen fan and have always had a bit of a love affair with Freddie Mercury,   I enjoyed it more as we had two for one vouchers, otherwise I don’t think I would have enjoyed it quite so much, having definitely decided that prostitution is not a career move I want to make yet.  I fear the time will come though.

Perhaps I should use the dating sites for making money instead of finding love, it would probably be easier.  I will probably not be the first either.  There are some decidedly dodgy profiles out there!  How much do people charge for sex these days? Do you have to be particularly good at it or have a specialty? I might need a bit more practise first.

Laughing out loud at my own stupidity.  I am struggling to give it away, imagine the difficulty of finding someone who would pay for it.

Before the Summer I had managed to save a few pounds, purely by being a tight arse.

I have always been a bit of a tight arse but now I could give Scrooge a run for his money.  I do not buy things I do not need, unless it is shoes, or Vodka, well you need some vices, misery is not good company and these things hold back the misery.  It is hard not to be miserable though when you are always penny-pinching.  The sad realisation that the day out we had in London back in the Summer, could easily have covered both Tom and Elsie’s Christmas presents, is a harsh lesson learned.

Hold on.. I can’t concentrate for Tom’s bloody whistling.

I always knew that staple gun would come in handy.  Now, where was I?

Having to put money towards the cost of replacing my beloved car didn’t help.  I am still quite nervous about my new (old) car.  I don’t like having new ones.  I always feel like you can’t quite trust a new car because you don’t know it well enough.  It hasn’t been through a Winter yet or a journey longer than 16 miles and I am not sure I am ready to take it.  What if I get to 22 miles and it breaks down?  That would really piss me off.

Despite my moans and groans about money, I have been out for lunch today. I know! In my defense, it was arranged ages ago and cancelled once, due to the ‘car incident’, so I couldn’t cancel it again and besides I like going out for lunch.  I don’t get asked often so I take every offer I get.

Once a year I meet with the ladies I used to work with at the Red Cross.

We were a fairly small office of misfits, that actually all got on extremely well, a great little team.  Sadly, we were made redundant in 2005, during a long period of restructuring (more commonly known as moving every department in to one building, somewhere in the North where the rent is cheaper) and have met every year since then, usually around this time of year.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting up with them all, we have lunch and a good old natter,  we swap stories and photos of our last years adventures (not much to report my end this year),  all very dull (mental note to be more exciting over the next few months), but nevertheless I had a great time.

There is nothing quite like spending time with people you like, whose company you enjoy and whether that be a lunch, a coffee, or a full on night out, it is good to relax and unwind occasionally, even if you really should be at work trying to cram in some overtime.  There is always another day for that.  A rainy one perhaps.

I will call it therapy when the bank manager calls to tell me I am back in my overdraft.  Not that he really needs to tell me, does he think I don’t know how bloody broke I am.  I can hear him now.  “If you know how bad your finances are Miss Smith why do you keep spending money?”   It is loosely called living Mr Banker (please replace the B with a W), or trying to!

Elsie has taken to sending me memes.  She has what she calls meme o’clock and every day at around 4 pm she sends me the meme for the day, this was todays meme.


This was in response to me suggesting that she couldn’t possibly be tired after only one day back at school.  At which she recoiled in horror, exclaiming very loudly how much effort goes in to a school day, when you are approaching your GCSE’s (still 18 months away), I have no idea how hard she works.  It is sooooo much harder now, she wails.

I do actually and she does work very hard, bless her.  She is determined if nothing else.  I should be happy that she is so very sensible and wants to do well, it could be so very different.

Luckily we both have the same sense of humour and I actually quite like meme o’clock.  It brightens my afternoon and there have been some corkers.  My favourite so far was this one, which she sent me while I was out on a date with Ivy, a few weeks back.  The start of it all.


I always keep my phone on when I am out, Elsie is 15 and very capable but I am not one for taking any chances, I have enough to worry about without coming home to a pile of ashes.  So, when my phone pings, on the date, I check it.  I apologise, but remind Ivy that my children are at home and I need to check that it isn’t something important.  He is cool about it obviously, the man is cool about everything but anyway, I saw this and had to laugh.  What a bloody cheek!

We both thought it was quite amusing and Elsie who is a smart arse, knew exactly what she was doing and that was just reminding me that she is at home, while I am out enjoying myself.  Poor thing!  I wouldn’t mind but I know for a fact that Tom probably hasn’t even been out of his room, while she has been lording it up in lounge watching Netflix, with all the snacks.

… and No, I have not heard from him, still!  Just in case you were wondering.

Marvellous the microwave has just exploded.  The kitchen has been redecorated a lovely shade of bean.  There must be meme for that.



3 thoughts on “Meme O’clock…

  1. The V Pub says:

    I liked the Freddie film, although I must admit that I was obsessed with his teeth. Not so much that I wanted to run to the television and floss them, but they were very distracting for me. And yes, whistling can be annoying. It’s right up there with finger drums.

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