Short and sweet…

I have started my Christmas shopping.

I didn’t want to, as I don’t really have the money but if I leave it any longer no one will be getting anything for Christmas.

Usually I am way ahead by now, as once Elsie’s birthday is out-of-the-way in September I start on the Christmas lists.

Time though, keeps moving and I am fast running out of it.

It has been a lovely weekend, filled with family stuff and very much-needed after the week I’ve had a work, which was weird, in an almost surreal kind of way and one I really wanted to blog about. However, I have to be careful here.

There is a reason I rarely talk about work. Not least of which is the legal one. I always get a bit jittery writing about things that have happened at work as we can probably get the sack and I can’t afford to lose my job, especially at this time of year.

Many years ago now a friend of mine lost her job after a flippant comment made on Facebook. The comment took on wings of its own and before she knew it was all over social media and eventually seen by her boss, the next thing you know she is on her way in to work to collect her P45.

I do find it difficult not to share some of the things that go on at work. It is after all a massive part of my life, I spend a lot of time there and a large proportion of the calamities that happen in my life, usually happen at work.

It is a very typical GP surgery.

Some days it is almost like being in a sitcom. A favourite phrase at work and one you will hear often is, “you couldn’t make it up” and it is so true. There is nothing quite as funny or as sad as the truth.

The days are madcap and full of things that you could never make up, well you could but really, there is no need. Everyday something funny, disastrous, sad, or just plain crazy happens.

When you are dealing with 13,000 people (not all at once I hasten to add), there are bound to be a few of the weird and wonderful in there somewhere.

Anyway, while I contemplate what I can and can’t publish I shall endeavor to carry on winging it with this one.

It is hard trying to think of a last-minute blog, when you change your mind just as you are about to press the big red button. I am also in a bit of a hurry as we have a PM football match again this weekend. I am not entirely sure whether I prefer AM or PM yet, this one is on the Sussex coast so PM suits just fine today, as it will take nearly an hour to get there. However, this also mean no roast dinner today, much to Elsie’s disgust.

I have offerred for her to come with us, as we could maybe get something there, after the game, but even this does not tempt her to spend an hour in the cold, watching her brother and his gangly mates kick a ball around.

I am also not going to finish this before we leave…

We’re back!

Jesus Christ that was a cold one! It was though, one of the prettiest pitches I have ever been to, beautiful countryside, fields of wind turbines in the distance and next us to us a field of rather noisy sheep, who also seemed to be enjoying the game. Elsie did come, but spent most of the match in the car with a hot chocolate, as opposed to cheerleading on the side lines with the rest of us.

On the way back we went in search of some fish and chips and ended up here…

Not typical beach weather, but half an hour dodging the waves and taking silly photos, was an unexpectedly lovely end, to a weekend that I am really trying to cling on to.

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