It’s Christmas…

It snuck up on me again, as it does every year.

The countdown to Christmas is like watching a boiling pot. Like anything in life, the quicker you want something to happen the longer it seems to take and Christmas is no exception.

December crawls by slowly as we count down the days until the ‘big fella’ arrives, driven by Rudolph and his band of merry Reindeer and loaded up with every kids favourite toy, until finally that night is here… it’s Christmas eve… tonight’s the night!

Christmas eve is the best! 🎄

Tom and Elsie are very excited, despite being of an age where they are sceptical about the ‘big fella’ (although Elsie will not be heard saying out loud that she doesn’t believe, just in case), this morning in their new matching Christmas Onsies, they are planning the days events. This is a major operation, which involves an extensive amount of planning, decisions need to be made. The running order of games, needs to be decided, along with the programmes we will watch in between. The food we will eat, well, when I say food I mean Chocolate, obviously. There will be no actual food today and certainly nothing that constitutes a vegetable or has a less than 3% saturated fat content.

It’s Christmas for God’s sake! Why do you think we have Rennie?

Tom is happy to let Elsie take control of proceedings and while she bosses him around to her heart’s content, this is the one day he will happily follow. At the moment she has him playing Battleships, while I try to get this finished and posted and return to my kitchen duties. The kitchen is where most adults spend Christmas, if you are not preparing, you are cooking and once that is done you are clearing up, only to start again a few hours later. If you are lucky you will have some sort of alcohol to help you along a bit. What time is a good to start drinking? Might be a tad early yet.

I have a mountain bike to wrestle with tonight. I must bear that in mind when I hit the bottle later! God knows how I am going to get that under the tree… I have collapsed in a Christmas Tree before, many years ago, but that is a whole other story.

This morning, on the eve of Christmas I received a Christmas card from Ivy.

I have to say that this was not entirely unexpected as it is the kind of thing he would do. I myself thought about sending Ivy a Christmas card, but as a rule I don’t send Christmas cards, to anyone. So I changed my mind.

Of course I shall spend most of the day over analysing the message in the Christmas card, which is very simple and very Ivy, understated and polite and worry about the fact that I need to wish him a Merry Christmas too. Do I?

Do I care if he has a Merry bloody Christmas? Of course I do. However, just because I want him to have a lovely Christmas, in the same way that I want everyone to have a lovely Christmas I don’t necessarily feel the need to say so. I am not sure we are friends? I am not sure what we are? Ex-lovers. Ex-friends with benefits. Just Ex. Whatever it was it is now an Ex and that is probably the way it should stay.

I thought Ivy was long gone. I had resigned myself to the fact that he was definitely not going to be unwrapping me at Christmas, nor I him.

Of course I can’t make this fateful decision on my own anyway. So until I can have proper counselling after Christmas, I will keep pondering… and hope I don’t have too much Vodka at any point!

Right now I have to concentrate on what is important and that is Tom and Elsie. So I am making a huge very unhealthy buffet of food and getting all the chocolates out and we are going to sit and enjoy our Christmas eve and the anticipation of what is to come for all of us.

Spending time with family and friends at Christmas is what it is all about, of course if you get something nice under the tree then it’s a bonus, but make the most of being with your loved ones, they are what really makes Christmas so joyful.

Even though at some point you will argue with someone and you will be over tired and you will not want to play another fucking board game or put the bloody dishes away, again and you will feel sick because you have eaten all the strawberry cremes on top of a truck load of pastry but who cares, this is what we do every year and this one will be no different.

Relax… 🥂

… and Have a very Merry Christmas!❤

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