Flip Flop

How I ever managed to write two blogs a week is beyond me.

I can barely manage to cobble one together at the moment.

I find myself at the end of every week, quicker and faster than the week before, with hardly a moment to think about what has or hasn’t happened, never mind write it down.

With less time and even fewer ideas on what to write about, life is life and the dating isn’t particularly exciting, it is hard not to lose your mojo. I have no idea why I have less time, as nothing has really changed, although I do seem to be working a lot more at the moment, not helped by the fact that I can now work from home. This I thought would be a godsend and in part it is, it definitely takes the pressure of off completion times, but it only lessens the time I have to do other things. The last few nights I have found myself working until 10 pm, going to bed with eyes so tired I can barely see the stairs to get to my bed.

I am very aware that I am completely messing up my work/life balance at the moment and I don’t like it.

There is just one more week now until the holidays and we are more ready.

Tom is seriously floundering, the boy can barely keep his eyes open and his uniform in in an even worse state. His trousers have holes in, his shirts are covered in ink and as for his blazer, well! I’m not sure there is any lining left in it. I don’t think either Tom or his uniform has a week left in them. Elsie is just plain tired after two whole weeks of mock exams and the constant pressure that comes witb them. The house is lacking it’s usual zest and I am counting down the days now, looking at the calendar every day like it is a prison wall.

I have decided to have a brief hiatus from dating.

The Italian Stallion was my last date and shall remain so for the foreseeable I think. It is not entirely all over for him, although I fear the end is fast approaching, not least because he has turned out to be boringly predictable. I know when he is going to message and what he is going to say, probably before he does. There is a definite pattern forming. I said no to a meet this weekend, choosing instead to meet a friend for lunch and drinks yesterday.

Now though in typical male fashion because I no, he seems very keen to change my mind.

It is not a widely publicised fact that I am still seeing Irish and have been since February, albeit on a very adhoc basis. However, despite it being adhoc we have managed to make it to July, a whole five months. This in no way constitutes a relationship (in my opinion), it is still very much a casual affair, even though we still largely disagree on our relationship status. Irish and I still get on well and despite the little niggles here and there, we are still making an effort to try and see each other.

There are still pros and cons about our thing the main one being distance and time. The distance means we can’t see each other randomly everything has to be planned, but planning is the hard part. His joint (and I am using the word joint very loosely there) parenting arrangements leave a bit to desired and while for him and his children it is lovely that they get to spend so much time together, it really doesn’t leave him an awful lot of time for him to do anything else. I do not have any issue with this on the whole, except that it means it is very difficult for us to be anything other than bed partners on the odd occasions we both have time at the same time.

I am very happy to continue as bed partners for now, the man is an absolute treat in the bedroom.

I like Irish he makes me laugh out loud and has a great honesty and integrity about him. He is very straightforward, something I really do like about him and has no problem saying what he is thinking. It is quite refreshing. We have somehow got to a point where we are completely honest and open about pretty much everything. Having said that, we do seem to disagree on a lot of things socially, we do not have the same political views or share the same opinions about the world in general, but at the moment we do not see enough of each other for that to matter a great deal.

If I am honest there are times when I wish I could see him more often, but there are other times when I think we see each other enough. It would be nice to be able to spend a bit longer together, maybe? To spend the night for example or go away together but then he would probably irritate me after 6 hours, as I probably would him and I bet he snores like a steam train, so for now, I suppose, I am happy with the way things are.

I am even beginning to think that once we are done with everything else we will probably remain good friends, a rare thing in the aftermath of any kind of relationship.

Anyway with Irish still on the scene and the possibility that I may or may not see Italian over the next few weeks I have enough to keep me occupied for the Summer, especially as I intend to spend most of it lounging around in flip flops.

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