Hostess with the mostest

So, I thought about blogging for a moment…

…and then realised I’m on my holidays, still. 🌴

I feel guilty when I don’t post. Why? I don’t know, but I do. I clock watch, concious that I have usually done it by now and keep telling myself that if I am going to do it, I should really get on and do it.

So, this is a guilt post.

I have actually been incredibly busy as my sister and niece have come to stay (which is lovely, but exhausting) and as they are staying with me, most of the family have been dropping in, at various times (usually around meal times), to catch up.

I have discovered I could not run a hotel.

It is bloody hard work. I am pretty sure I did my recommended 10,000 steps before everyone was up and dressed yesterday. Who knew making, what feels, like 20,000 cups of tea and various other hot and cold refreshments could be so exhausting. Not to mention the constant clearing up!

I’m sure I have worn a path in the flooring from the kitchen to the garden patio, as I trudge backwards and forwards, dragging my ball and chain behind me. I have washed more towels than I thought I owned and cleaned the toilet more times in three days than I have all year.

Despite all this I am loving having them here (honestly) and I do enjoy all the entertaining, but today I have to admit I am struggling to raise my eyelids, nevermind a tea tray. I am beat.

I keep trying to hide and thought about sitting in the cupboard under the stairs, with the ironing board, for ten minutes this morning, but I feel guilty about that too.

Thankfully they are here for just two more days and so I am going to make the most of it, as once they are gone I will miss them again. It’s ironic that isn’t it? When they are gone I will want them to come back.

Anyway, I must go as dinner needs preparing, no rest for the wicked, especially when you are the hostess with the mostest! 😉

Now, where did I leave my apron…

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