TMI Tuesday!

I love reading the TMI posts.

I have done one before I think, way back when… so I thought it was time to do another. Enjoy!
Do you or did you have an “our song” with a current or past significant other? What is the song?

Hmm. Not really. I have never had an our song moment with any of my former lovers/partners. There are songs that remind of times with them, but nothing that could be considered significant, in the way that we would both remember it for the same reason. I do have lots of memories connected to music and songs, both of people and events and there are periods of my life that a song can instantly take me back to, a flashback something you remember like it was yesterday. I love the way music can hold a memory like that.
What is your most annoying habit?

Where would you like me to start. I am pretty sure I have plenty.

I would say being bossy is the most annoying though. I can be quite, ‘my way or the high way’… sometimes. I also talk a lot. Usually when people are trying to get on with something else, so that can probably be quite annoying too!
You have been offered free plastic surgery for one part of your body, what will you fix?

I am not one for going under the knife. I am very squeamish.

All those horror stories from a decade or so ago have left me petrified of anything that requires a scalpel. Plus, I have always thought that I would be that one… the one that went in expecting Barbie and came out Baboon. No. It isn’t for me.

I have lines and wrinkles that I would like eradicated but there is make up for that and my body is well worn, but I like it. I am at that happy stage, the one that finally says, this me, take it or leave it.
A meteor is headed for your house. You have saved family, pets, your computer, and smart phone. You have time to save one more item, what will you save?

My box of things.

In this box is a bit of everything. All my memories from way back when. It is hardly a box, more of a chest and I would need a hand to carry it, but I would be devastated to lose it. It is full of all the things that can’t be replaced. The baby grow my friend sent when Elsie was born. Tom’s HULK t-shirt that he had as a toddler. Photos, letters, diaries. The kids hand and foot prints. School stuff (mine and the kids). Love letters. A Duran Duran poster from my teenage bedroom. A cassette tape. Some trinkets from my travels, like my plastic Eiffel Tower and a Sombrero ashtray from my favourite Mexican restaurant in Lloret de Mar. It is full of stuff. Stuff that you can’t bear to get rid of but you have no real place for. Stuff that makes your heart feel happy.

The snap shots of my life, or some them at least. I couldn’t leave it behind.
Would you reveal a deep dark, shameful or embarrassing secret about your partner for one million dollars?

Er, yep! Which is probably why I don’t have one. 😉

Truthfully. No. I wouldn’t. To lose the love and respect of someone you hold dear would be heart-breaking and not worth any amount of money. A secret is a secret and that is how it should stay. Personally, I do not have many secrets, but anything I do not want shared is my own and will stay so. Trust is hard to earn and should be treated with the respect it deserves.

Besides, don’t they say, never give anyone something they can use against you, if you give someone ammunition, they only need the right weapon… or incentive.

Bonus: Which one of these do you have the most of: a sense of humour, sense of time, sense of direction, sense of adventure?

I have serious wanderlust. So I suppose I have to go with adventure, although I do having an amazing sense of humour… OBVS!

It took a long time for me to ‘settle down’ as it were. I have never had that feeling of belonging that some people get, of laying down roots. I never planned to stay long anywhere and always wanted to see more, do more, travel more. The desire to explore and try new things is something that will never leave me. Even in my so called ‘settled life’ here with Tom and Elsie I still crave adventure, hence the often hairy and sometimes reckless dating debacles. There is just something in me that is amazed by the world and all it has to offer, the people, the places…

I have a long, long list of to do’s and I plan on doing all of them.

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7 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday!

  1. TMI Tuesday blog says:

    Thank you for reading TMI Tuesday blog and for posting.
    That special box of things sounds wonderful.
    “To lose the love and respect of someone you hold dear would be heart-breaking and not worth any amount of money.” Well said.

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