Let it go

There very nearly wasn’t a post today as I have been busy de-cluttering.

I am filthy and knackered, but surprisingly happy.

What started as a sort through my four billions pairs of shoes (only a minor exaggeration), which in the beginning was to find the pair of sandals that needed a repair job, quickly turned into a complete overhaul of my bedroom and everything in it.

All of a sudden and way before you have carefully considered the repercussions of your very impulsive actions, you have emptied the contents of everything, everywhere and once you are at that point, the point of no return.  Now, there is absolutely no going back until you have finished the job, at least not if you want to actually sleep in the bed that is currently weighed down by everything you own, which I most definitely do.

I buy a lot of second hand clothes (much to Elsie’s disgust) and love a good old rummage in a charity shop, but of late my wardrobe has looked more shabby than chic, with a whole section of mismatched clothes, including things that are too big, too small and too ugly. I am thinking of a particularly weird blouse I brought a few months back, which if you are going to be kind, is chocolate (but more poo) brown, with large blue and pink flowers everywhere, at the time I thought it looked quite retro in a very Charlie’s Angels kind of way. However, on me it looks too big, too flowery and more 80’s kitsch than 70’s sexy.

Perhaps it was missing a tank top!

I have always had a love of all things retro and because of this my home is a bit of a muddle, lampshades from the 70’s and mirrors from the 50’s, sit (I think) happily amongst vases from the now and crockery that has been passed around the family more times than a cold. I just buy the things I like and never say no to a freebie. Growing up, my Mum always said; “Never say no to anything, because even if you don’t want it you can get rid of it, or pass it on again but if you keep saying no eventually people will stop offering and just ask someone else.” I like this way of thinking and it’s not just because I am tight or because I have no money, although both of these things are true in part, but more because we really should re-use things, recycle, up-cycle, donate, sell it, give it, whatever… but don’t throw it.

The only downside to buying and or receiving things in this way, is that quite often nothing matches and at the moment that definitely applies to my wardrobe.

After sifting through the whole lot and trying not to be too brutal, I do need to still have something to wear.  I bagged up the stuff for the recycle and went in search of some boxes for the knackered old shoes.  An hour later I found myself in the garden (the mess upstairs long forgotten), having a sort out in the sheds.  I only came for a box.  Now I have two more bags for the charity shop and some old toys, I didn’t even know we still had, out the front of the house, which I am really hoping someone else’s children will run off with.  Although knowing my luck Tom will bring them back in when he get’s home, jumping with joy that he ‘found’ the slider he forgot he had, he will then ride it for ten minutes, before slinging it back in the shed to gather more dust until next years clear out.

I have also sorted out the things I think I can sell and after spending an hour or so trying to take half decent photos of it all, I am finally back in the bedroom.  I need to find a pathway to my bed, which, by the way, I wish I had got in an hour ago.

Why is everything so dusty?  What is the point of having doors if dust can get through them?

The bottom of my wardrobes are a dust mites paradise. 

I give myself a good talking to about the levels of cleanliness, as I set about it with my hoover and start sneezing as though I’m auditioning for a part in Snow White.  I need a one of those protective masks they wear on building sites.  Have I cleaned in here since I’ve had them?  How long have I had them?  It has got to be at least 7 years!  I tell my shockingly dirty self off again.

I’m not brave enough to look under the bed!

I did however, manage to change the bed linen.  After realising with yet more horror that it probably wasn’t a good idea to tip everything over it, as all this seemed to achieve was to leave fluff and dust and well, just bits, everywhere.  There was no way I was going to sleep in that, even if I am a dirty cow.

Changing the bedding led to me having to sort the airing cupboard out, as I couldn’t find any matching pillow cases and I KNOW there are some in there somewhere.  I know this because I have used them before.  They were just not on the same shelf, after all, why would they be!  Just randomly stuffed in to any whole anywhere.  My airing cupboard is one those cupboards, you know the ones and if you are going to put things in there, you have to be quick.  There is no time for hanging about because if you hang about the whole lot will come tumbling down on you and you will be buried alive under a pile of towels, bedding, winter onsies and neglected cushions and throws.  I was left with little choice but to sort it all out and neatly place everything back on to its own little shelf, in lovely neat little piles… it looks very neat and tidy, for now.

I always forget how therapeutic a good old clear out is.

Even though this has taken me most of the day and despite one thing leading to another and one small job becoming a mission to eradicate all things unwanted and unnecessary, I won in the end.  I now have a nice tidy, clean, and uncluttered bedroom and a shed that has a bit of room in it, with space to actually walk in, instead of trying to hang dangerously off of one thing to get to another.

In a couple of weeks time the shed will be full again, with who knows what, because I see a space and fill it.  The airing cupboard will be a mix of god alone knows what on every shelf  available and my wardrobe will have something hanging in it that isn’t there now, probably because I will have been to visit the charity shop, but for now I am clutter free!

Well almost…

No one has taken those bloody toys yet!

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