Turning back time

It’s official. Winter is on it’s way.

I’d like to say that I enjoyed having an extra hour in bed, but I didn’t really get one.

My body has decided I no longer need a lot of sleep. Therefore, it shall now wake me at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. I think it is to allow my body time to adjust to the thought of another day, maybe? Perhaps it feels that as I am growing older I need more time. Time to ease myself slowly and surely into the day ahead?

These days I am awake long before the alarm goes off, much to my annoyance.

There was a time when an exploding bomb wouldn’t have got me out of bed. Now though, I am the lightest sleeper in the world. A creak of next door’s floorboards will have me eyes wide open and an hour spent trying to convince myself it is okay to go to back to sleep.

All this just makes me want to rebel against my middle-aged body clock, which is has to be said is all over the bloody show at the moment.

I have become even more determined to fight for the right, to paaaartay… Sorry! I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes a song just pops in to my head and I can’t get rid of it.

Sadly though, I am just fighting for the right to have more sleep and this morning was no exception. As my eyes pinged open at what would normally have been 7.20 am, but was now only 6.20 am, I questioned the benefit of this ‘extra hour in bed’. An hour to do what exactly? Stare at the sodding ceiling!

As I lie in bed with eyes shut so tight (I can only imagine the extra wrinkles I have now), I plead with myself for just one more hour. It doesn’t work. It is too bloody light for one thing. It is like being in Winter and Summer all at the same time.

Whose idea was all this changing the time malarkey anyway?

If only it was that easy to really turn back time. I would get shot of this middle-aged body in a nanosecond, I am driving myself crazy.

One minute I feel like a radiator and the next a fridge. I am happy and then I am raging.

I have the unpredictability of a teenager, which doesn’t rub along all that well with the two I already live with.

I fear Elsie might be about to section me. I also fear that I might kill Tom. I mean it has always been on the cards, but now I have to quite literally sit on my hands to stop myself from strangling him.

I was more upset about my early mornings this weekend than any other, as usually I am up early anyway, what with the park run and football, but as it is half term football is on a break and well, I’ll be honest, the park run has lost it’s appeal over the last few weeks. My park run buddy has been away on a trip to Canada and I was enjoying not being the tortoise of the group for a little while. If I am honest the lack of reward for my efforts and the fact that there has been absolutely no improvement in my running skills has made me prefer the couch again. However, this weekend was going to be my last for relaxing weekend mornings, as Elsie has gone and got herself a job.

Now as every good Mother does, I have been nagging on for quite some time now about Elsie’s work status. Unemployed. It was time to up the ante.

It didn’t take much to be honest, the threat of becoming solely responsible for cleaning the house, was enough to have her downloading every job app she could get her thumbs on and before you know it she had got an interview at one of the big supermarket stores.

Now, anyone who is a regular reader will know that Elsie has some anxiety issues. These are not major issues, thankfully, but she is anxious about new situations and particularly new people but with much cajoling and reassuring we managed to get her through the interview and the initial assessment to bag her the job. She was exceptionally proud of herself and very, very happy. As was I. Until I found out what the hours would be.

6 am on a Saturday? You have got to be kidding me?

Not only that but she will also be working from 5 pm until 9.45 pm every Friday evening. It’s a good job I don’t have a social life isn’t it, because I wouldn’t be having one anymore if I did!

It is at time like this when I wished we lived within 5 miles of a main road! A bus. A train, anything really and not out here in no mans land, with no links to anywhere via public transport. I make it sound remote, but weirdly it isn’t not really. It is just a village and we do have a bus to town, twice a week on a Tuesday and a Saturday, it comes at 10.30 and returns at 14.30, that is your window, take it or leave it. The bus can barely get up the lane and if you meet it, coming either way, you’ve had it. The supermarket is on the industrial estate anyway and not in town, so the bus is of no consequence at all as it doesn’t stop there.

I heard Elsie on FT with her crew the other night exclaiming how she was going to have to get up at 6 am on a Saturday now. OMG, she wails, I’m going to be sooooo tired. Yes. Especially as you have to be AT WORK AT 6AM darling, not just getting up, the getting up bit will be done a whole hour before that. I have always said I would never drive anywhere in my pyjamas, I feel that may be about to change. I don’t care if I break down or if I have a car crash. If I have to be cut out of my favourite tartan onsie at some ungodly hour on a Saturday morning then so be it. My only concern is that I have shorter hair at the moment and so a scrunchie is no longer an option. I must consider this when I set my alarm. Not that I will probably need an alarm!

So that it. That’s my Friday night, my Saturday mornings and my Sundays, all gone.

Finally I realise what it is to be a parent. Selflessly (but more begrudgingly, if I’m honest), giving up your life to help them with theirs and all with little or no thanks, at least not until they are in their thirties and forties and they finally realise what you actually did for them. It suddenly dawns on them what it takes to raise a family and how fricking awesome you were.

Still on the plus side at least Elsie can support her own social life from now on. So perhaps it isn’t all bad.

If she can afford it after she has paid her rent. Mwahaha

I just looked out the window. It’s dark already and not just getting dark, but dark, like black and there is still four hours before I can realistically go to bed, I feel like I have been up for days!

As I have been up so early this weekend I have managed to watch both the rugby world cup matches and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them both. Todays game between Wales and South Africa was brilliant. I have no idea what the rules are and despite Google’s best efforts to teach me, in the ten minutes of half time, I was none the wiser through the second half, but oh my did I enjoy it.

Imagine being tackled by one of those boys…

Now that would be worth being woken up at 6.20 in the morning for!