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This morning at, um… 08.58 am and while I sit in a frosty car park somewhere in East Sussex, buried under 27 different thermal layers, I am trying to busy myself.

Today’s rather crucial match is upon us.

I can’t help but wonder what my life was like pre-football. However, I do know that I would most definitely be in bed right now and NOT sitting in a frosty car park in the middle of nowhere trying not to look suspicious!

We are here soooooo early because this is a very important game for us. The difference between remaining top of the league. Yes! I I know. Top of the league!

I can’t believe we are still there but we are and with only one point between us and the opposition this is THE game, the one that will determine whether or not we will have a chance of remaining at the top until the end. Too far ahead to be caught. The very real chance of a medal at the end of season.

The tension is palpable, almost akin to England’s semi final battle in the World Cup.

Hopefully, we will get a better result!

A military style warm up/training session before the game is in progress, which if they have any energy left afterwards will stand us in good stead.

I am well used to sitting in car parks across the county these days, it is great for thinking and watching and wondering all while generally trying not to freeze to death. I often think I should get a dog then at least I would have something to do for an hour, but I don’t really like dogs or any animals for that matter, controversial I know, but I have teenagers and that is quite enough for me.

I think is is reasonable to only want to live with one or the other.

So after twenty minutes spent layering up, retrieving my flask and some cold toast I prepared earlier, I decided I could use this time to check in with you all, for it has been a while, again.

I lament all the the time about time. It seems I don’t have any these days.

It is slightly easier now, as I have a new phone. A ridiculously large new phone, which I inherited from Elsie, who after receiving her first pay check, promptly went out and saddled herself with a two year contract for a new one. Making her iPhone (not sure what number) plus, redundant, at barely a year old! Oh! The extravagance of our youth.

The joy of having a wage and nothing to spend it on.

Anyway, now I can blog on the move. This will be handy as I haven’t stopped moving for about five weeks now. Hence, not a blog in sight of late.

I come home, I go out. I come back then I go out again and so it goes on.

Sometimes it is just too busy to do anything and when you do get the chance to do something, you don’t want to because you can barely lift an eyelid, never mind a household implement and even if you had any energy left you wouldn’t be using it to hoover, never mind do anything that requires any brain power.

Writing this on my oversized phone in the car park at least means I am being constructive with my spare half hour and it takes my mind of the fact that I can’t feel my toes anymore. So it’s win, win. It also helps to protect me against random passers by who, when I don’t have anything distracting me, I can’t help making eye contact with. I must stop staring at people, it is going to get me in trouble one day, but who doesn’t enjoy people watching.

I worry sometimes that I might be in a popular dogging spot. Some of these car parks are really quite rural and woody!

Do they have dogging in East Sussex?

I imagine so. It’s a mobile thing, one would assume.

Oh, how the mind wanders….

I’m not sure how long this blog will be, as I am easily distracted and there is a lot going on this morning it seems.

At the moment I am watching a couple and their toddler. Mum is trying to put reigns on, over a very pretty but very puffy coat, it’s a struggle, as Dad is simultaneously trying to put two very uncooperative feet into some wellies, while valiantly holding onto a rather large Labrador, who, it has to be said, looks quite keen to get going.

See, a child and a pet. It is just too much. I can see an argument brewing.

It is official. My toes have dropped off.

In five minutes time I am going to have to try walking,which will be interesting.

Not only is it cold, it is bloody windy too. The sun is out, which is lovely, but it does not stop the wind biting through your four hundred layers as you stand in one spot for 90 bloody minutes, hoping from one foot to another in the hope that thirty seconds off the ground might warm your toes up a tad, it doesn’t.

I would be absolutely useless in countries where the temperature actually does fall below freezing. We are far too used to our fair weather here.

I shall have to leave it there I’m afraid as we must be about to kick off… you can bet your last wage packet that if I’m late I will mid the best bit.

I have missed you all and have a lot of catching up to do, but it will have to wait for now, but I hope to be back in full swing next week!