To the future

Believe it or not I have had a post with this title (half finished), for a few weeks now.  If you knew me, you absolutely would believe it.

It is all mostly irrelevant now though, as it harps on about my Christmas food shop, which with no thought at all I decided to do at 6 am on the Saturday before Christmas. As it happens, that would turn out to be way too early.  What happens to the ‘best before’ dates on fresh food at Christmas, suddenly all food has no shelf life.  Rows and rows of fresh salad and vegetables all with only a two day window before they will, according to the BBE date, wither and die and judging by some of food on display, most of it had already ‘lived it’s best life’ quite some time ago.

The few days before Christmas are as far from relaxing as any days can possibly be.  Everything is either too early or too late or three trips to do one job, time spent chasing your own self around, while you swear this is the last time you are going in to town.  Yeah right.

There were my usual frustrations with Elsie’s textiles.

She thinks she is taking textiles as an A level subject.  She is not!

I am putting my bloody foot down.  I did not sign up for this.  I neither like nor have time for, nor am very good at, textiles and yet here I am every bloody week trying to concoct a new piece of clothing out of something that was already a piece of clothing.  I tell thee, my patience is about as thin as the beading needle I spent an hour trying to thread!

Worst of all, this is the exam piece, which on paper is lovely illustration of a Kimono.  A modern twist on an ancient and traditional piece of Japanese clothing.  A beautiful mix of modern denim and blossom printed chiffon…

In reality, it is 16 pieces of what used to be a denim jacket and is now just patches of material, which now need to be attached to another 16 pieces of material (pre-printed at school, thankfully) and fashioned into a wearable piece of modern clothing, that looks like it could actually be worn… and let’s not forget the hours of embroidery and beading that will give an elegant and stylish finish to this wonderful creation.

Has anyone over the age of 40, who now finds themselves needing to wear reading glasses to see anything that is not over a mile away, ever been able to thread a beading needle?

A bloody Kimono no less.  I had the distinct feeling that one or other of us would probably not make it to Christmas.

The only thing that kept me going, with the exception of Gin and opening the After Eight’s early, was the fact that we were going to London for a few days (pre Christmas), to meet with my dear friend Ruth, whereupon we would have a gay old time, shopping, eating, drinking and generally gadding about.

I haven’t done anything so reckless before Christmas in bloody ages.  Usually, I am so busy trying to stay out of my overdraft, I barely leave the house for fear of spending an unnecessary fiver.

Not this year.  This year, I am having cocktails at The Shard and breakfast at The Regency and bugger the expense.

I cannot tell you how excited I was.

Post Christmas… I can confirm that these were indeed the most expensive drinks I have ever bought in my life, but when in Rome, or London you just except the fact that you are paying for the ambience and not the ingredients, which by and large are the same the world over, with exception of some fancy yoghurt and a snow capped sprig of some herb or other that was supposed to resemble a Christmas tree.

I mean it worked.  We had a bloody marvellous time.

Ruth stayed with us all over Christmas until the Saturday after.  It was wonderful having her to stay and we had a blast in town, I really don’t see her enough.  Tom and Elsie were spoilt rotten and actually so was I.   It really was a fabulous week.

I admit to being a little sad when Ruth returned to Scotland for Hogmanay and we  returned very much to normal.

We have ever really celebrated New Year, aside from watching the chimes of Big Ben and the fireworks on the TV while we happily devour the rest of the Christmas chocolates.  Last year I struggled to stay awake from what I can remember and I don’t think it was alcohol related.  This year Elsie has some friends round for pink gin cocktails (heaven help us) and Tom and I are off to the cinema to see the new Star Wars movie, hopefully returning home just before the bells and before any of Elsie’s friends start throwing up in the bathroom.

Next year seems like it will be a big year for us.

Elsie is in her exam year and thinking about her future, for which she has very grand plans and Tom has his options evening in the New Year, which will be very interesting indeed.

Currently his top three possible career ventures are: professional footballer,  spy and Social Media guru.  I’m not sure what subjects, if any, he will need for those and his distinct dislike for any subject that requires a degree of concentration is going to make any choice a hard one.  He has decided to take Drama though, something I have no doubt he will be very good at.

I am also going back to school next year and am taking a diploma in Practice Management and Leadership.  I never thought I would go back to learning, I never really enjoyed school either, not the academic part anyway.  I was always far too social to do well.  Anyway, here I am at a point where I feel as though I need more knowledge, to be able to do my job well.  I have enrolled and I will start next month, I hope to keep you posted with it all, should there be time!  Famous last words…

I also hope to get back to dating at some point.  I think I will need some light relief.

The year ahead will be busy, but the last few months have been busy and that is without the extra schooling and dating, the months between the Summer and Winter have flown by.  The Summer seems so long ago now.

Usually, I feel melancholy at this time of year, but this year I feel excited and I haven’t felt like that for a while.  Maybe because it’s is a new decade? Somehow it just seems like more of a change will come.

Elsie thinks the twenties will be amazing, she is hoping we will have a revival of the 1920’s and everyone will be doing the Charleston and wearing flapper dresses everywhere, it will be a decade of parties and frivolous behaviour, which as she will be approaching her 20’s it probably will be.

I am making plans to make plans and not to keep putting things off.  If I say I am going to do it.  I will.  I want to think less and do more.  That’s the plan anyway… to say yes, instead of maybe, or one day.

I have already said Yes to a trip to Rome with my Sister and a friend, which I’ll be honest won’t come around quick enough.  I always fancied myself with an Italian.  😉

Elsie is organising yet another party, to coincide with my departure and I am organising for Nana to come and supervise, much to her annnoyance.  Poor Tom will have to suffer them both.  It will only be a few days, I am sure they will manage and I will be too full of pasta and Bellini’s to care.

I can’t bloody wait!

Right now though, whatever you are doing and whoever you are doing it with, I hope you all have a lovely time and I wish you all a very Happy New Year.   Here’s to 2020…

Much love LLB


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